Last update: 2021-12-09

Hi there! Welcome to my blog xyz.secondorder.

I'm studying computer science at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and working part-time at Vercel.

This blog contains English and Chinese content on topics I'm interested in:

  • The mathematical and mechanical foundations of computing: Logic and type theory, programming languages, operating systems, cryptography, and digital hardware.
  • "Real-world" software: Developer tools and user-facing products. Designing for user experience is a new area to me that I feel passionate about.
  • Reading: All kinds of books and articles. It's mainly in Chinese because it's the only language I've got enough familiarity with under a general context.

And there is Snippets where I write short and random things.


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On the name of this blog

Second-order chaos is a system that responds to predictions about them and is thus infinitely unpredictable.